Harp from the Heart Accessories

Pillar-PromptersPillar-prompter with clipPILLAR-PROMPTERTMIt is fun, decorative, and functional. It was invented by Cass to eliminate the need to haul a music stand in her work as a therapeutic musician. This decorative garter fits around the pillar of the harp. It has a clip on it that holds index size cards. You can create your own modified lead sheets (lyrics with chords) to use with the “Prompter” or purchase the laminated song cards as shown below. After you place an order for a “Prompter” you will be contacted by phone or email to discuss the size of your pillar and your choice of colors in the fabric. Available in holiday fabrics as well.     $17.00 (click here to order)

Pillar Prompter close up

song cardsSONG CARDS – These are laminated 4x6” cards to use with the Pillar-PrompterTM. There are four different sets or repertoires – Catholic, Protestant, Gospel/Spiritual, and Secular. A Jewish repertoire is in the making. Click here to view the listing of songs in each repertoire. The “Harp from the Heart” song cards are designed to encourage you to play freely and from your heart. They are a sketch or an outline – a modified lead sheet with lyrics and chords only, no melody line. You create as you go and you should be so free in your playing that a song is never played the same way twice. The song cards are particularly useful for the harpist who wants to sing or hum while playing. Of note: Musicians playing other instruments will find them helpful as well. Each repertoire is $18. (click here to order)

LEARNING CD – There is an accompanying CD for each set or repertoire of the above song cards that can be purchased. The purpose of these CDs is to teach you any songs in the repertoires for which you are not familiar. Cass sings and plays the harp in these high quality recordings. The CD plays a verse and a chorus of each song in the repertoire. They are available in Catholic, Protestant, Gospel/Spiritual, and Secular.    
$10 (click here to order)

CALMING CHORD PROGRESSIONS SONGCARDS AND INSTRUCTIONAL CD– Laminated 4x6” cards containing ten lovely and different chord progressions. Eight of the progressions can be played on a harp without levers. These are wonderful outlines to assist you in improvisation. Again, your goal is freedom as you play these. This is also wonderful for practicing improvisation with your voice as you play. An instructional CD comes with these cards. Note: Musicians playing other instruments can use these as well.   $19 (click here to order)