Testimonials of Guided Angels Ministry

Re: The Guided Angels CDs and Program

"Our hospice has used the Guided Angels Ministry music for many of our patients with much benefit and success. These are excellent products and provide a unique and very much appreciated service to the dying.
Meg Maly, MSW. LSW
Hospice Social Work Director and Volunteer Coordinator

“Thank you, Cass, for creating your CDs!! You need to know that today I used them for a patient with severe Alzheimers disease who was very frightened. I played your music and she calmed down and half dozed off. It was so nice. I was also with a patient in end stage CHF. Even with oxygen and meds for anxiety this person was suffering from anxiety due to a great difficulty in breathing. I put on your music, massaged her hand in the music and she calmed right down. You have helped so many people with your ministry of music.”
Nancy Boyd, MS, MA
Hospice Bereavement Care Coordinator

“Dear Cass, I have been soothed, comforted, and delighted by the beautiful Guided Angels CDs which you sent for our Breath of Dawn ministry. They are magnificent!”
Bonnie Dalzell
Breath of Dawn Music Ministry
Abington, PA

“Mary wants you to know that her mom plays "Now and at the Hour" CD for her dad and it really calms him. He's got Alzheimer's, just had gall bladder surgery and has pneumonia. Seems to be getting stronger. But the CD really helps.”
Sue Riger
Naples, FL

Re: “Free” Therapeutic Musician for the Day Program
“Thank you, dear Cass. You were phenomenal in everything you did!!! You are amazing and we all feel so blessed to have had you with us. Your wisdom and experience are incredible. Thank you for all you did in the two days you were with us.” 
Elsa Redding, Director
Hospice of Warren County
Warren County, PA

Re:  Cass as a Therapeutic Musician

“Cass is a gifted professional therapeutic musician. As a vocalist and autoharp musician she has a heart for the elder population in all of life’s journey and the experience to provide music for every occasion. She has recorded a wide range of music, including bedside soothing music for use in any setting. She is highly respected by activity professionals and the medical community in and around Lancaster, PA. Cass continues to lead as an example to all who want to express beauty and compassion through music.”
Bev Peterson, ADC
Lancaster, PA

“Cass has been playing music formally for Compassionate Care Hospice patients since April, 2007. Her compassion and dedication flow through every note she sings and plays. We have received numbers of letters and calls from families thanking us for sending "that angel" to their loved one. I have said many times to staff and families that what Cass does is not her job; it is her calling. Her grace and caring are evident in every encounter with our patients, families, and staff. I can not imagine our program without her. We are honored to have her on our team.”
Patricia A. Heiland, RN, CHE
Program Director
Compassionate Care Hospice

“I know the residents do love your company and music. You really lift their spirits and I know staff's also as they hear you playing. You are truly appreciated and I just wanted to let you know that.”
Joyce Spotts, Social Worker
Landis Homes
Lancaster, PA

Re:  Workshops Presented By Cass

“I'm hearing wonderful and exciting stories of your visit last week! I thank you again for taking the time to share your extensive gifts, experience and love with our group - you have inspired them and everyone is excited about this work!!!! Your CDs and songbooks (bless you for sharing!!) are fantastic!!”
Teri Gaglione, Supervisor of Support Services
VNA Hospice of Monroe County
East Stroudsburg, PA

Re:  “Harp from the Heart” laminated cards and “Pillar-PromptersTM”

“I was able to learn so many helpful things from you while you were in Warren.  Thank goodness for the Pillar Promptor!”
Ellen Paquette
Volunteer for Hospice of Warren County

“I have been using the “Harp from the Heart” cards and Pillar-Prompters. What a great way to move from a printed page of music and become more independent in playing! The Pillar-Prompters hold the music securely and I can learn lyrics and chords more easily. It is so nice to not have to carry around big books! Great variety of music in the packets! Thanks, Cass.”
Cyndi Bickel, CMP and CTHP
St. Mary's Medical Center 
Evansville, IN