Training Manuals from Guided Angels Ministry

For those who want to sing with the CDs, Guided Angels Ministry provides training manuals for purchase. The Guided Angels songbooks cannot be sold to you unless you are likewise purchasing at least one Program Coordinators Manual and one Singers Manual for use by you personally or by your healthcare facility, church, or organization where you are employed or volunteer.

The Guided Angels Ministry’s CDs and songbooks are very intentional and specific music. If healthcare employees or volunteers wish to sing with the CDs then there is the need for further guidelines and helpful information to facilitate this singing.

These manuals are also helpful for those who want to play an instrument for the dying. Please note there is no requirement for the purchase of these manuals if the CDs are being offered as simply recorded music played for comfort.

Program Coordinator’s Manual – This is a 40-plus page manual to assist in the coordination of the music ministries to those who wish to sing or play an instrument for those who are dying. It contains pertinent information on how to use the songbooks with the CDs. It also contains numerous master copies to use for reprint. These master copies are wonderful aids in coordinating and passing information to the singers as well as to those who would be requesting the bedside singing – be it the patient, the family, the healthcare facility, or the church.    $20.00  (click here to order)

Singers Manual – This is a 20-plus page manual to guide those who wish to sing with the Guided Angels CDs or play an instrument for those who are dying.  $20.00  ((click here to order))