Guided Angels Ministry Workshops

Cass Jendzurski, creator of Guided Angels Ministry, is an inspiring and experienced speaker. She has presented workshops and sessions for health care professionals and volunteers at the local, regional, state, and national levels. The first two workshops on this page are “free.” There is a fee for all other workshops. The cost of workshops is based on class size and travel expenses. Ask for a quote. Cass offers an array of interesting workshops:

SINGING WITH THE GUIDED ANGELS MINISTRY CDs – Other than covering travel and lodging expenses, this is a FREE workshop for hospices, facilities, or churches that purchase the Guided Angels Ministry CDs with training manuals and songbooks. This workshop is not a necessity for your volunteers or staff members in order to sing at the deathbed, but it will give your singers added confidence.

CERTIFIED HEALTHCARE MUSICIAN FOR THE DAY PROGRAM - Cass will come to your hospice, health care facility, or church to present a FREE workshop on music for those who are dying. This workshop is built around her 15 years of volunteer ministry through Songs for the Journey, her professional training, and contracted work as a Certified Healthcare Musician. She can also spend part of the day providing one-on-one or group sessions with your residents/clients. The only cost to you is the reimbursement of all travel and lodging expenses. Her time in traveling, presenting, and offering music sessions is free. If traveling a distance she is willing to stay a few days with you and to offer the same workshop multiple times to different audiences.  

THE VOICE – Cass teams with Joe Myering, a renowned voice teacher for this 3 to 4 hour workshop. Mr. Myering has studied the voice under the tutelage of some of our nation’s greatest voice teachers. He is a professional performer and the director and voice teacher at the Vocal Arts Studio in Lancaster County, PA. He conducts a fun workshop and has the reputation for making his students laugh as they learn. This workshop covers:

As a part of this workshop, for class sizes smaller than 10 it is possible for each participant to have a 5 minute private one-on-one evaluation of their voice.

HOW MUSIC HEALS – A two to three hour workshop that covers:

Participants with instruments should bring them into this workshop.

EASY PLAY INSTRUMENTS – This is a great workshop for those who have always wanted to play an instrument but felt they lacked the talent for it. In this 90 minute to 2 hour workshop participants will explore the use of the Autoharp and Q Chord, two very easy instruments to play. Participants will have hands on with both instruments. It is a thoroughly fun workshop!

Q CHORD WORKSHOP – A Q Chord is a light weight, easy-play, electronic instrument. It never requires tuning and has the ability to play many chords, transposes into other keys, and can electronically sound like numerous instruments. Several health care facilities have brought in Q Chords for use by their staff and volunteers due to Cass’ workshop on Easy-Play Therapeutic Instruments. Cass offers a 90 minute to 2 hour training on the Q Chord to launch its use with your facility. It is a good follow-up class for those who experienced the above “Easy Play Instruments” class and want to really learn how to play the QChord.

Cass with harpHARP FROM THE HEART – Cass is a believer that no health care facility, hospice, or church should be without an onsite harp and a few key staff members or volunteers willing to play it!! A harp is especially soothing for those who are suffering with pain, agitation, or restlessness. It is not that difficult an instrument to play for those who have just a little knowledge of music theory. Even those who know nothing of music will enjoy this class and will leave it having played a harp. This 90 minute to 2 hour workshop offers training on the use of the harp based on a “seven layers of learning” system developed by Cass, called “Harp from the Heart.” She encourages participants to learn to play the harp from their hearts.